Open Referral Human Services Data API (HSDA)

This is the repository for managing the Open Referral Human Services Data API (HSDA), providing a common interface for accessing organizations, locations, services, and contacts for 211 human services information.

HSDA v2.0 OpenAPIs

HSDA uses the OpenAPI specification to describe the surface area of the API, providing a machine readable definition for all of HSDA.

Drafts for v2.0 are currently being finalized and open for comments–here is how you can provide feedback:

Using OpenAPI helps ground the conversation around each of the APIs being evolved here. It significantly helps to submit the OpenAPI snippet with suggested changes, or highlight and common on the portion of the OpenAPI you wish to provide feedback on. Feel free to all submit pull requests on OpenAPIs via Github, or collections via Postman.

You can follow along with work in the public workspace for the HSDA APIs as we work to finalize and standardize the OpenAPIs for HSDA. Your feedback is appreciated.

HSDA v2.0 Major Changes

Here are the highlights of the HSDA v2.0 update, with the focus being on HSDS upgrade, but using the opportunity to clean up some other areas of the HSDA specification.

The new standardized query structure dealt with a number of the issues that were submitted, while allowing for basic keyword search, as well as a much more complex approach that allows querying by any field, while also having full control over what gets returned.