Human Services Data API (HSDA)

The Human Services Data API (HSDA) from Open Referral is an exchange format for publishing machine readable data about health, human, and social services, their locations, and the organizations that provide them. For the purposes of this specification, human services are broadly defined, ranging from food assistance to job training and health care.

This project is dedicated to defining the API for use in HSDS implementations, using the OpenAPI specification. The goal is to continue to define, and evolve a machine-readable definition of the HSDS API , helping standardize the APIs for human services and Ope 211 programs, making them more accessible to partners, and government agencies.

The primary HSDA specification is meant to manage organizations, locations, servics, and their subresources. Here is the primary documentation for:

To reduce the complexit of the core set of HSDA APIs we are breaking additional, and complimentary APIs into their own set of individual services that are mean to work with the HSDA specification:

  • HSDA Search - For searching across HSDA resources.
  • HSDA Bulk - For working with bulk operations involving HSDA resources.
  • HSDA Taxonomy - For working with taxonomies across HSDA resources.
  • HSDA Orchestration - For handling orchestration across and between HSDA resources.
  • HSDA Meta - For working with meta information across HSDA resources.
  • HSDA Management - For managing access to HSDA resources.
  • HSDA Utility- For working with utility APIs across HSDA resources.

If you have questions about this work you can visit the Open Referral, the governing organization for the work, or you can submit an issue using the Github repository for this project. Visit the Open Referral website for more information about this work, or you can visit the Human Services Data Specification (HSDS) documentation for more detail about the pure data schema behind HSDA.